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It is pretty useless in most scenarios but the few things it can do make the game absolutely busted. Eg xatas whisper with phenmor/laetum devouring attrition (double dip for 441x dmg), xatas whisper with cold elemental ward (extreme hitscan damage), xatas whisper with garuda seeking talons (extreme slash procs), xatas whisper with Artemis bow (all arrows hit head)..

Attrition gives you a 50% chance for 2000% damage on non-critical hits. ... devouring attrition is bugged and is bypassing damage attenuation, so it's leading to the Incarnons (felarx in particular) overperforming on the boss fight. ... warframe will keep getting easier and more of a snoozefest until "level cap" is the default. If they DO come ...Not saying that's the direction warframe can/will go, just pointing out there are other design solutions than to reset the baseline down. ... Devastating\Devouring Attrition gives 50% change of getting 2000% damage on non-critical hits. The Felarx, as an exemple, has 20% critical chance, that can be reduced to 10% with Wracking Wrath …

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Devouring Attrition Phenmor build - 4 Forma Phenmor build by RuffRyder - Updated for Warframe 32.0Evolution V - Devouring Attrition: 50% chance to do 2000% damage on non-critical hits. This is currently multiplicative to base damage mods such as [ Hornet Strike ] and double dips the void damage instance of [ Xata ] 's Whisper, as well as increases the 750 flat damage of Cascadia Empowered to 750 x 21 = 15750 damage per status afflicted.Phenmor - Devouring Attrition - 3 Forma Phenmor build by c8bit - Updated for Warframe 35.0Laetum (Devouring Attrition) - 5 Forma Laetum build by fallynnknivez - Updated for Warframe 34.0

Posted September 14, 2022. First I'm going to recommend what it should be nerfed to, then list reasons why it shouldn't be so high. Devouring/Devastating Attrition: 50% Chance …IV Racking Wrath: +20% Status Chance -10% Critical Chance V Devastating Attrition: 50% Chance to deal +2,000% Damage on Non-Critical hits Evolved Autoreloader can bypass the long reload to 2s or 1.7s with synth set and doesn't effected by any reload mod except with same magazine reloaded/s when holstered Mounting Momentum pair with [ Primed ...Reducing crit chance increases the likelihood of Devouring Attrition boosted shots. Evolution V - Devouring Attrition: 50% chance to do 2000% damage on non-critical hits. This is currently multiplicative to base damage mods such as [ Hornet Strike ] and double dips the void damage instance of [ Xata ] 's Whisper.Her 4th causes weapons hitting affected enemies to proc slash. But will devouring attrition still trigger even though the cause of the slash is…The Laetum is a unique weapon that abhors crit chance. This is thanks to the Laetum's final incarnon evolution- Devouring Attrition (50% chance to deal 2000% damage on non-critical hits.). Instead of crit chance and crit damage, focus on firerate and multishot. I dont like to use faction based mods but an "Expel-" mod can also greatly increase ...

Cavalero is the arms-dealer of The Holdfasts and former security personnel of the Zariman Ten Zero ship. He offers Incarnon weapon blueprints and unique Arcane Enhancements. He is located in the center of the Chrysalith. As a security personnel, Cavalero was tasked with maintaining peace and order aboard the Zariman Ten Zero. Parvos Granum once tried to hire Cavalero as his enforcer with a big ...Apr 27, 2022 ... Fixed the Laetum's 'Overwhelming Attrition' Evolution perk activating from status DOTs inflicted by the weapon. This was in contradiction to ... ….

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My favorite is the tier 5 ability for the Phenmor named Devouring Attrition. It gives each non-critical hit a 50% chance to do 2000% increased damage. The damn thing hits five digit numbers regularly. ... Warframe. The game is currently in open beta on PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One/Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and iOS!I was playing Draco solo on Steel Path as I was bored, and was using a Gloomquinox build (high strength Equinox with gloom subsumed and the peaceful provocation augment for 99% enemy slow) along with a devouring attrition phenmor build. While just going about my business as usual, the game suddenly froze for about 15-20 seconds.Apr 24, 2024 · The devouring attrition "fix" confirms that nothing works in this game as intended and everything is bug suspect to change/fix. Also imo new difficulty mods show lack of good will towards playerbase. Make it so you can't carry other people through deep archimedia, that'd be a good difficulty fix.

Felarx is a god tier shotgun when built properly (don't bother too much with incarnon form, normal form is better), because Devouring Attrition works separately for each pellet. I oneshot phase 1 archons all the time with it (second phase - dps limiter kicks in and it takes a bit).According to a new study, the heat in Florida will become life-threatening by 2036 if no action is taken to combat the rising temperatures due to heat-trapping emissions. Florida i...

how long has scott pasmore been married レートゥム (Devouring attrition) - 6 Forma Laetum build by XIIX-Neko - Updated for Warframe 32.1The nerf to overwhelming Attrition was negligible. Anything that can survive multiple hits from it is going to get procs anyway, and anything that can't isn't going to need either of them. They're both good though, it depends on if you want to do a crit/status hybrid build or a pure status build. 5. dscflawlessez. jazeke samuelslarry stovesand buick gmc inc vehicles Viral Slash | Shreds everything - 3 Forma Latron Prime build by 30leaves - Updated for Warframe 35.1Laetum : Single Target | Galvanized Shot | Devouring Attrition | Xata's Whisper - 7 Forma Laetum build by InTLigence - Updated for Warframe 35.0 yuba city o'reilly's FLEXIBLE OPTIONS: If you are using a crit based weapon, can swap [Vigorous Swap] or [Rolling Guard] for [Smoke Shadow].. If you are using melee, swap [Vigorous Swap], [] and [Primed Flow] to three gladiator mods (rank 0) and aura to [Swift Momentum].. Aura is flexible for [Growing Power], [Brief Respite] or anything you prefer.. HELMINTH OPTIONS. Use []'s Whisper for special interactions eg ...Warframes. Xata's Whisper is a "Damage Increasing" ability in the helminth system. Alright, this is a bug 100%. You can't be logical and consider 83% at 322% ability strength and the same builds on each frame a damage buffing ability and then have an augment that gives more duration, applies to allies, and most importantly... 3.88x the damage ... rick tokarsmy chart watson clinicmaine turnpike webcams Now this is where we get weird Devouring Attrition applies to the initial hit of all hits. So the direct hit, the radial attack, Toxic Lash, Xata's Whisper and Cascadia Empowered. If say the radial attack gets boosted by 2000% and toxic lash triggers then you will get the toxic lash to hit as if your base damage was 2000% higher. 3166 harts run rd glenshaw pa 15116 Laetum has always had 2 viable builds.Crit, or non-crit? The debate of the ages.I've always used Crit Laetum, and many of you asked.Well, these are the reaso... big ten network on dish what channelflea market auburndaletide chart pawleys island creek Laetum Devouring Attrition Corrosive Heat - 4 Forma Laetum build by Randy_Bobandy - Updated for Warframe 31.7