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Contains: Female: pregnancy, belly expansion, breast expansion, egg laying, animal pregnancy. - Gina groggily opened her eyes. It had taken her years to gain approval to visit the hidden civilization of Benosha, and she had gone straight to the forest to explore their ancient shrines..

OC: Janet Carter. Name: Dr Janet Carter Age: 48 Race: Caucasian Loves: her son Maxwell and daughter Julia. Favorite pastime is feeling her 10 unborn babies move and kick for max and Julia as they rub Janet's belly to feel their 10 new siblings moving on their mommy's tummy. Backstory: Janet has been a doctor at the local hospital for almost 20 ...She was meant to be pregnant and she loved every minute of it. But Suzanne possessed a fatal flaw. She was greedy. Looking in the mirror now at 28 weeks along, she wasn’t happy. Sure her taut, round belly was now the size of a globe and she’d finally—finally—outgrown her G cup bra, but it wasn’t enough.Audrey and Claire (Pregnancy Transfer Story) Audrey struggles to get to her feet as she hears the doorbell ring, signaling the arrival of her friend, Claire. It takes a couple of moments, and is surprisingly taxing, causing her to grunt with effort and breathe heavily before she's properly to her feet.

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Lady Ophelia, now Duchess Lorenstone, the loving wife of Duke Lorenstone admired herself in her mirror. She was radiant. Her long flowing blonde locks practically glowed in the sunlight streaming in through the nearby windows. She was vibrant, the centre of attention wherever she went. And absolutely full of life.Fair warning, guys – I’m about to talk about boobs. And, not in a fun and sexy way. I’m into my third trimester of my fourth pregnancy. NOTHING about ...The test subject we experimented on was her mom (my mother in law) Rebecca who is 64 years old. Here is the summary of her pregnancy. 1st month- Rebecca took the pill. For the first two weeks Rebecca had the usual pregnancy symptoms (breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea and going to the bathroom at night a lot.)

After going overdue, with Svanhildre's interference, an ill-timed comment earns Streja another week of pregnancy, only finally going into labor at a whopping eleven months …Literature. Seperation and Reunion 1. "What's going on outside?" Amy is waken by the noises in the sitting room. She carefully pushes back her covers, not wanting to wake up her husband Bob. When hearing the sound of Amy opening the bedroom's door, the thief who has just came into Amy and Bob's house runs into the bathroom with panic.Here's something slightly different. To celebrate Mayternity, I've decided to make a little series! The series is about a man who gets transformed into a pregnant woman and through out the month, he learns to be a woman and a mother while carrying around his quintuplets.Explore the Pregnant Stories collection - the favourite images chosen by Inflation-Addict on DeviantArt. Explore the Pregnant Stories collection - the favourite images chosen by Inflation-Addict on DeviantArt. Shop. DreamUp AI Art DreamUp. Join Log In. User Menu. Upgrade to Core. 50% off for a limited time! Get Core. Theme. Display Mature Content. …

(Rapid pregnancy, extreme weight gain, breast inflation, lactation, butt expansion, multiples pregnancy.) Language: English Words: 7,300 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 6 Kudos: 190 Bookmarks: 25 Hits: 21,552Explore the Pregnancy comics, stories and sequences collection - the favourite images chosen by kidokingKO on DeviantArt.Check out amazing hyper_pregnant artwork on DeviantArt. Get inspired by our community of talented artists. ... Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Literature. Submit your writing. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Subscription. Get your fans' support. ….

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Want to discover art related to pregnantfurry? Check out amazing pregnantfurry artwork on DeviantArt. Get inspired by our community of talented artists.Plus you’re eating for two,” She says as she makes a piled-high plate of everything. “Uhm, thanks,” I reluctantly start pecking. “Oh come on, girl. Eat!”. I dig in and devour the feast. My mom plates a second, third, and fourth plate. I push back from the table, lean back on the chair and massage my aching stomach.Mar 17, 2024. I’m looking for a certain story, head cheerleader is assaulted by several guys who slip something cold up her rear, take her to a haunted forest where she’s impregnated by something. Turns out it was a planned by the second in command of the cheer squad who wanted her out of the way. Has rapid pregnancy ending in a burst.

Jennifer has a normal life with a normal marriage, until her first pregnancy awakens a dark need in her. Hyperpregnancy body horror. Contains: hyperpregnancy, multiples pregnancy, high order multiples, body horror, erotic horror, lactation, orgasmic birth There had been a time when Jennifer was just another woman.The purpose of Preggo-Lit is to unite the DeviantArt pregnancy literature community. While there are many great writers, too many great stories about the beautiful theme of pregnancy often just sit around, unread. Preggo-Lit will collect various stories, allowing previously neglected stories to be seen by a wider audience, which may end up ...

best 308 semi auto rifles When Kyra got pregnant, her roommates wouldn't stop pestering her with their opinions. The boys had plenty to say about what she ate, what she drank, her vitamins, her exercise, nursing and everything else. Finally she got so fed up that she cast a spell that turned them both into girls with their own great big baby bumps. "There," she told them.Apr 6, 2024 · 1 Tier, all access - Subscribe for exclusive content and access to the whole back catalog! Due to life events future updates will not be regular as outlined in my pinned status update. amica mutual pavilion seating chart with seat numbersbroadcastify louisville shooting This story contains an explosion. Max persuaded Liz to go out of town and spend time in nature. In the middle of the week, when most people were working in the city, Liz packed all the necessary camping gear into her roomy Toyota Tundra and headed to a quiet, deserted place that only Liz knew about.Squig World 2. The storm passed without any remaining damage to the colony. A month later Kari got up early or tried to, given the fact the three babies inside her were taking up all of her excess room. With John still asleep next to her the midwife glanced down at her belly which seemed to get larger just overnight. o'reilly's victorville Molly shouted to Roxanne from the other side of the door. The raven-haired witch could hear heavy footsteps coming from within the cottage as she waited, hearing them get louder and louder until the turning of locks could be heard. When the old door finally swung open, Roxanna was greeted by a short woman wearing an unzipped hoodie that was.Baby Maker ----- WARNING: This story contains pregnancy, nudity, humiliation and unassisted childbirth. This is a work of fiction. Any of the characters and places are all fictional. cool math games hole iosales tax rate for irvine canikke chapter 3 lost relics I am still very pregnant and am at a complete loss as to how to convince my wife to give me my body back, or (and here's the real problem) if I even want her to. ... You'd read stories, fantasies of a situation in which you'd never find yourself. Until now. All you wanted was a hit of nostalgia from your favorite game growing up, Pokemon ...Celia Starstorm: Conceiving a New Brood. Day 1: Ubore 15b was a very lonely planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, just within the outreaches of the Dragonis Cloud Empire. At around 2.5 million light years away from Earth, it would take Celia Starstorm almost a week to get to the planet, even with her warp-speed engines. ap lang test calculator Want to discover art related to teenpregnancy? Check out amazing teenpregnancy artwork on DeviantArt. Get inspired by our community of talented artists. brandon james net worthsamecia smith augusta gacaller times obituaries corpus christi Pregnant TG I was browsing the sex toy store online, when I saw a female lingerie set "Feminine Fantasy" on sale, with a free complementary maternity edition. Huh. I figured I'd try it out as any horny college guy would. It shipped to my apartment a few days later. That evening, I went to my bedroom and tried on the panties and bra.